Saturday, October 17, 2015


It's always exciting to find a new texture to use with the rolling mill. I recently ordered some filigree cupcake wrappers from Amazon after seeing a post somewhere. I'll definitely be adding a few more patterns with my next order.
I don't quite understand how they are used with a real cupcake. You usually bake cupcakes in cupcake papers, right? ... so do you just wrap this wrapper around the cooled cupcake as an attractive way to present it? The paper is quite heavy so it would be reusable ... unless it got covered with frosting!! And it could probably be rolled through the rolling mill a second time too.


  1. Have two patterns and two pieces of metal I think I will roll them tomorrow, and words of wisdom?

  2. Just make sure your metal has been annealed. Make a sandwich using a piece of thin card stock or watercolor paper. Fold it around the pattern and metal. It gives you a better impression. I did my first roll above without a sandwich and second one using same wrapper with sandwich method ... it was great. Let me know how your pieces look!