Friday, June 27, 2014

More Broken Bottle Glass Plates

Let me tell you my right shoulder has been taking a beating with the smashing of heavy gauge wire and glass bottles! I need to stop for a few days. I'm sure my close neighbors will also appreciate it! Someone gave me a few large cobalt blue vodka bottles. These are bigger than regular wine bottles, so I wondered if I could get two plates out of one bottle. I did. The first plate got the larger of the broken pieces and the second one got handfuls of tiny pieces. Next time I'll know to divide the sizes evenly for two plates. But they both fused and slumped well and look great.

And here's another plate made from the beautiful green mineral water bottle!

Thursday, June 26, 2014


I recently ordered a bangle bracelet die from and it came with two options, a small wave pattern and a large wave pattern. I didn't know what to expect, but had seen their video and hoped I could make their wonderful bangles. Guess what .... I did!

I had a roll of 12 gauge copper wire and cut three 7-1/2" pieces. I smashed one flat on both sides and used a texture hammer to finish it. The texturing added 1/2" to the wire.

Here's my favorite texture hammer:

After flattening and texturing all three pieces, the wires were annealed and formed so that the ends met perfectly for soldering. I used my copper solder for the first time and it worked well. The pieces were then shaped into rounds using a bracelet mandrel and a rawhide hammer.

Then came the exciting part ... using the bangle dies. The dies came with a special weighted hammer. Each shaped wire was centered inside one of the dies, the top was added. Then the hammer blows formed the bangles.

Here are the dies ... first the small wave pattern, then the large wave pattern.

And finally, the three bangles which came out perfectly!

The three look so good worn together. I want to try brass wire next ... and eventually sterling silver!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Recycled Metal Button Earrings!

Inspired by the wonderful work of Christine Marie Davis, I had to try smashing a few metal buttons! It was so much fun. I made a few earrings using textured brass discs, buttons and sterling silver wire. They are held together with a center eyelet. Here is one pair.