Sunday, July 23, 2017


I forgot to post the finished Queen Nefertiti bracelet, which was the weaving challenge for last week. It's beautiful. I have the option of sewing tiny seed beads to the edges, but I don't think I will ... it is finished. I love the clasp.

The challenge for week 3 was to weave with a new material. I had seen a wonderful coaster that was made in one of the Mirrix Looms weave-alongs, so that was my project. I bought fabric and tore it into one-inch strips. My other challenge was to install the shedding device onto my loom. It started with my making my own heddles. Those are the white strings you see in the photo below. I did a happy dance after attaching the handle to the shedding device and everything worked. No longer did I have to go over and under every thread. Magic!

I finished one coaster and will now advance the weaving to the back so I can make another one on the same warp threads. It's pretty rustic looking, but I kind of like it! I think next time I'll use thinner strips. The edges don't look that great, but maybe you get better with experience. Also more experience is needed in ending and adding a new color. Maybe stitching the two ends together first ... ?

I've taken the weaving off the loom. Now I have to tie and cut the ends.

Finally this afternoon I finished! And just in time, as we get a new challenge tomorrow morning. I'll try one out tonight with my drink and see how I like it!

Sunday, July 16, 2017


I joined the Summer Weaving Challenge with Mirrix Looms. I wanted to make the second bracelet in the Queen Nefertiti kit I had purchased quite a while ago. The first week's challenge was to take your loom to a different spot to weave. Since I was using very very very tiny seed beads (with seven colors in their separate piles), I knew I had to choose a spot with a table and very good lighting. So I carefully took my loom, beads, needle and thread .... and glasses and clip-on magnifier .... out to a table on the patio. Oh, and also my iPad which had the pattern to follow! Early morning quiet with just birds and the sound of falling water in the fountain. Very nice.

The second week's challenge was to take the time to weave every day. That was not too difficult for me. I like weaving in the early morning. And this week I wove and listened to Wimbledon! This morning I was able to finish. It measures 6-1/2" and will shrink slightly when taken off the loom.

Here, the weaving is off the loom and I'll let it "rest" overnight. Tomorrow I can knot and cut the ends, and then attach the beautiful clasp.

Also tomorrow ... every Monday ... we will receive our new challenge for the week!

Wednesday, July 5, 2017


I'm doing a happy dance, as I finished the tapestry bracelet and attached the button this morning! I love the black edge the seed beads created. It was such a fun project and look forward to their Summer Weaving Challenge.

Saturday, July 1, 2017


I just finished 7" and took my bracelet off the loom! It was so relaxing and fun to do. The Mirrix loom is just the best.

This bad boy now needs a haircut! Then the next step is to cut the black ultra suede the bracelet is sitting on. It needs a tiny edge to stitch to the weaving. After that 16/0 seed beads are stitched around all edges, three seed beads to every stitch. I wonder how long that will take?!!! A loop and button are sewn on for the closure.

Look for my next post to see the finished bracelet!!!!! I'll be doing a happy dance, for sure.