Thursday, June 26, 2014


I recently ordered a bangle bracelet die from and it came with two options, a small wave pattern and a large wave pattern. I didn't know what to expect, but had seen their video and hoped I could make their wonderful bangles. Guess what .... I did!

I had a roll of 12 gauge copper wire and cut three 7-1/2" pieces. I smashed one flat on both sides and used a texture hammer to finish it. The texturing added 1/2" to the wire.

Here's my favorite texture hammer:

After flattening and texturing all three pieces, the wires were annealed and formed so that the ends met perfectly for soldering. I used my copper solder for the first time and it worked well. The pieces were then shaped into rounds using a bracelet mandrel and a rawhide hammer.

Then came the exciting part ... using the bangle dies. The dies came with a special weighted hammer. Each shaped wire was centered inside one of the dies, the top was added. Then the hammer blows formed the bangles.

Here are the dies ... first the small wave pattern, then the large wave pattern.

And finally, the three bangles which came out perfectly!

The three look so good worn together. I want to try brass wire next ... and eventually sterling silver!


  1. Been waiting to see how they turned out - I almost got them when they introduced but got side tracked - they look great - what great tools

  2. Thanks for your comments. I've enjoyed seeing all your turtles!

  3. hi where do i get your favorite texture hammer from?

  4. Hi Cherylie, I think I have the Euro Tool hammer and here is one link. You can search other suppliers to compare prices. Sometimes hammers like this become loose and a small nail(s) needs to be pounded into the wood area to tighten it. Thanks for reading my post!

  5. hi again im looking for dies for wavy bangles but they are sold out any other places that you know of sells these things? help me out wavy bangles are the in thing in hawaii

  6. Why don't you contact Wubbers on their website and ask when the dies will be available. Sorry I don't know any other companies who make anything similar. If I find anything, I'll contact you.

  7. Cherylie, here's an option to try for bracelets. Hope you like it.

  8. Cherylie, I just had an email saying the presses are back in stock!