Tuesday, October 20, 2015


I just got a new tool that I used today for the first time. It's a bending tool from Potter USA. Actually, it's called the "Joni Bender". She demonstrates using it to form a bracelet in this video.

The bender has three aluminum tubes, the largest one for bracelets, the smallest for rings. The middle one? Smaller forms, I guess. Here's a photo of it in my cute little bench vise that swivels from Harbor Freight ..... another new tool I bought this past weekend.

I used the smallest tube for forming my BOHO rings today. I finished forming two rings in about 30 minutes ... from flat metal to fitting my finger. They were first formed in the Joni bender, the seams soldered, then reformed after soldering. What a time saver! The photo shows a scrap piece of copper in the slot you use. It'll be interesting to try a ring with an additional layer on top that previously took me 2 to 3 hours to bend! I know the Joni Bender will make it easier.

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  1. I like that version - I have the grey cindy's bracelet bender when I was trying wire weaving - the metal looks to be sturdier but this conduit pipe is pretty strong too - I"ll have to test it out - if not - off to potters - thank you for showing - I think you and I keep all these tool companies in business !