Thursday, October 1, 2015


In my previous post I was etching sterling silver in order to make a Boho ring. I also listed the website of Leslie Kail Villarreal where you will see examples of her beautiful work. (It's not too late to check out her class and join her Facebook group.) I ordered her on-line class and WOW it has been a lot of fun ... and frustration. But I remind myself I haven't done metal fabrication and soldering in a long time. Just want to share photos of my progress so far.....

This is my first ring using the silver that I etched.

It really looks great ... BUT unfortunately with all my filing and futzing, the ring was too small for me. Even after annealing and stretching, annealing and stretching, it still would not fit. Leslie had a brilliant idea which enabled me to save the ring and make it fit. It worked beautifully! That was yesterday morning. I had also used the rolling mill to texture two more pieces of silver and got them soldered as well! Here are the three rings from yesterday.

This afternoon my order from Rio Grande was delivered, so tonight I'm making bezels for the rings and hopefully can show you progress maybe tomorrow or .... when I have something! The hard part is just starting, and it will be quite a learning experience. Adding a bezel to a curved surface is just the beginning!!!


  1. You're a wonderful ring maker and your doing some fantastic work! This is intermediate advanced smithing sister! SO pat your self on the head! YOU ROCK

  2. Beautiful Rosemary - Love them - cant wait to see the bezels
    thank you for the link and I will check out the online tutorials this weekend when I have more time - You go girl - these are going to be stunning

    1. The first bezel is taking a LONG time. Patience, patience. You will love this class! So many possibilities.