Saturday, October 3, 2015


My first Boho Ring was quite an experience. Everything that could go wrong ... did go wrong! But I got the Bad Boy done this afternoon and it looks good.

I added one of the decorated shot plate balls to the shank too as an added element.

I tumbled it, polished it. Fortunately I did the polishing in my garage work area. The new cotton buff wheel shed tons of stuff ... I was covered with "chicken feathers" (if you've ever lived on a farm).

I put the Beauty on my finger, came back into the house, fed the dogs, and decided to photograph it for the BOHO Ring FB group and this blog. If any of you are like me, in our older years we misplace things at least ten times a day. I couldn't find the ring anywhere! But, of course, it was on my finger. This ring is SOOO comfortable! I'm so pleased with it. Tomorrow is another day, and I have two more formed rings....and more cabochons! Hope it gets easier.


  1. its beatutiful and a great job - I dont have time this month to do the course - I hope to have more time in November
    Again wonderful job

  2. Thanks, Deborah. I have two more I'm working on and hope they are easier!

  3. do you have one of those new Knew concepts saws - been eyeing them just wanted to know if you did and how they feel - I always when I start something new - try to make a whole bunch like 25 by the time I finish that I feel usually pretty good about the technique and my abilities - yours are FABULOUS !

  4. No, I don't have that saw, but have been thinking about it as Leslie really likes hers. I have the regular one that is adjustable. If you were sawing a large piece, you don't have a wide span with it. But for your 25 rings, it would work!!! I'm thinking about making a ring with a cut out design on top. Hard to bend with a double layer, but want to try it.

  5. sounds exciting - cant wait to see - I may not wait till november I may just sit through the class on line jsut so I can get supplies in

  6. The thing is, maybe the class won't be available after the month is up. Maybe it will be, but don't know her plan as this was her first on line video for $$. Maybe you should contact her and ask. She is already polling us to see what our next class should be. If you watch it a couple times and take notes, you'll do just fine. And the FB group is so helpful too. Leslie is there 24/7 answering questions and helping everyone.