Tuesday, October 6, 2015


I won't go into the gruesome details, but these two rings went to hell and back! I had completely different plans for them, but when "things happened", saving them was my next plan.

This little one suffered the most. After realizing I had forgotten the beaded wire ... when I thought the ring was finished ... I had to remove all the silver embellishments from the ring. That's when I melted the end of it. So becoming a short cute perfect sized ring is the result. I love it.

The other ring didn't suffer as much, and a lot of filing and sanding save it too.

Maybe a day of rest tomorrow. And I need to clean my work areas before I can continue!


  1. These rings are soooooo exciting - I just love what you have done - you incorporated your shot plate, rolling mill, etching silver , soldering, bezels all in one -

  2. Pretty exciting for me too! I haven't done metal fabrication in a long time, so it was more difficult. But the next ring will be easier .... Ha. That's what I said a few days ago and look what happened. I had a scare using my Smith Little torch at the end of day yesterday. The flame was yellow and I could not adjust to a blue flame. The only thing I have done differently is to use Prips flux in a spray bottle. I wonder if I hit the torch tip too many times with the spray and clogged it a bit. Because this morning I put on a new tip and everything works perfectly. What a relief!