Sunday, October 25, 2015


I spent most of the week preparing lists, score cards and scoring sheets for a two-day golf tournament our club hosted. It was very successful, and the weather, golf course and food were all perfect.

So yesterday and today I was able to work on my fifth BOHO ring that was textured using the cupcake wrappers. The texture was so beautiful, I wanted to make this ring very simple. I domed two cut flower patterns and added silver balls in the center of each. And added a decorated flattened silver ball made in the Tucker Shot Plate to the shank. I love the stone, which is Chinese Blue Larimar .... from Cabtopia, an Etsy shop .... where I purchase all my stones. Will work on a smaller ring with a smaller 10mm stone next.


  1. Smashing ! I do love these rings - I keep trying to fit in and watch the videos over and over to see what I've missed - you getting great results - the little flowers are they from one of the tucker dies ? or purchased sterling

  2. The end of the class is nearing. Take good notes ... Also stop the video and take photos. That's very helpful for me. The little flowers are flat pieces from Rio that I domed and then soldered on a little ball. Flattened the back with a file before soldering to the ring. You can also cut flower shapes ... With your new saw!!! I love Leslie's conchos. Need to try make a pattern for etching.

  3. Yes the conchos - I want that die from tucker and the S shaped ones too