Thursday, October 15, 2015


I still have some finishing work to do on Ring #4, but it is looking good.
It was also looking pretty good a few days ago, all polished and ready for the stone setting. I had the stone in, formed the bezel wire around the stone, but one scallop on the bezel just would not sit right. There was only one thing I could do .... remove everything from the top of the ring and start over. YIKES! (I think I may have used another word at the time).

Here is the ring with the bead wire and bezel removed. The red stuff is yellow ochre which is mixed with water to form a paste that you brush on. The mixture prevents the solder from flowing in nearby areas. I also took off the two balls still showing.

I was able to work on the new additions yesterday and finished it this morning.


  1. Its beautiful ! You did such a great job I hope mine comes out even half as well when I get time to actually play

  2. Thank you! But I have every confidence in your work .... The first ring will be great!! Next week our golf club is hosting a two day tournament Thursday and Friday, so I won't have much time to "play" after Monday. I want to make sure I get any ring problems solved before this class ends. I've learned so much!