Sunday, October 11, 2015

BOHO Rings -- 3 Started, Waiting for Cabochons

I started three rings Friday and hope to get my new cabochons Monday or Tuesday so I can continue. I made a new template for the smaller ring and really like the way it fits. The regular sized one has a new addition, a second design layer on the top. Forming two layers into a narrow ring was a nightmare! It took several annealings, all the tools I have, and lots of pounding! Surprisingly, my bad shoulder still feels pretty good.

I made a second one the next day ... and for some reason it was easier, probably because I knew just what to expect.

Hope to show you finished rings later this week!


  1. Lovely - still not much time yet to even try - have you thought of making your own cabs? even off mandrel or in kiln some glass and frits can be really nice

  2. And here I was waiting for you today to post your first ring! It will get done when you are ready. Yes, I've thought about making my own fused glass cabs. They would be fun. I wonder about scratches, any different than stones? Using some glass from Tanya's class would be beautiful! I never made the advanced pebble stuff glass yet, but now have a reason to experiment.

    I had a cabochon that I wasn't too pleased with, but decided to use it.... so am working on one of the rings today. Just put on the bezel, balled wire next. The only ring I haven't had too much trouble making .... Yet. Take care.

  3. check out ebay as well - they have some nicely priced - they take longer to get but then they are always on the way - 10 for under 10.00 is a pretty good price for jasper, and such - I have about 100 clear dichroc dots I made years ago that could look good in the bezels as well - I want to stay home and play ......