Friday, May 29, 2015


I have been taking a break from fusing glass after my last heartbreak ... the dreaded bubble. But after seeing some of the beautiful pieces posted in my FB powder on fiber group, I'll be starting up again soon. In the meantime ...

It's been at least a year since I made any lampwork beads. After getting an email from a frit supplier, Val Cox, just looking at their frit supply reminded me how much fun it was to sit behind that torch and create glass beads.

I started out making my favorite blues on ivory beads. I love these!

Then the simple turquoise copper green.

And then I got out a jar of the Val Cox frit and rolled light turquoise glass into it ... Another winner.


  1. I love val cox frits - when I lived in PA I used to go to her house to pick up frit and rod when she started - she only live 20 min away - miss those days - tourquoise blue on ivory is another favorite - have you ever got the dark tourquoise moretti do to that cool color change to red the way Joy Munshower gets ?

  2. I couldn't find any of Joy's beads and the dark turquoise color change ... only saw the sculpture pieces.