Friday, May 1, 2015


I've finished a few pieces and am working on a few more. You know, waiting for the kiln to cool and then opening it compares to being a child at Christmas time ... it's so exciting. Be sure to read my April 16th post if you are interested in this technique and want to order the ebook by Lena Beckeus.

Here are two little bowls I just love. They are made with a small 5" Bullseye mold with a round bottom, so they will rock if you push them. Perfect for holding your earrings or keys at the end of the day. I love the puddles of powder!

Here is the rectangular dish that measures 4" x 10".

And the 7" square dish:

The next pieces are made a little differently, by adding glass on top of the powders and then firing. Without the glass on top you get "puddles"; with the glass you see a crackle effect. Simply beautiful. I followed my friend Drewcilla's example, by putting black glass behind and firing again. The richness it added is incredible.

Here's an experiment I did on a small coaster. I love this combination.

I'll be working on these three pieces that are cooling in the kiln. They were fired with glass on top of the powders. You can see there is a lot of cold working to do around the edges. Can't wait to see how they will look with black glass on the back! Winner, Winner ... Chicken Dinner!


  1. Absolutely lovely - I like both - puddle and the crackle
    I am so far behind - now I need to pull out the 12" kiln - I got the ebook you posted but just no time to go over it - but these are absolutely lovely will have to give them a try - I have all the molds and everyting - sheesh - I need to win the lottery so I can stay home