Sunday, May 24, 2015


Life is full of successes and failures. I've had so many successes lately in this new technique of using powder on fiber, that a failure is hard to take. Here is my latest piece, starting from the first firing that developed into "puddles". This was pink powder.

Then for the first time, I added a second color powder, orange, onto the fiber, covering the puddles of pink. Lena's instructions said to spray water over to clean off the fired puddles. I did that on one piece (a real mess), and on this piece decided to use a fan-shaped brush to clean off the orange powder. It worked well, less messy, still took a long time. Here is the piece after the second firing.

It still looks questionable, doesn't it. Well, I forged onward and added a piece of black glass that was cut slightly larger. It is simply beautiful. It is unbelievable. It doesn't look like the same piece. It will be slumped in a 7" square mold.

Now for the failure. I haven't been able to look at this piece for days, as it would have been fantastic. BUT it developed a bubble on the surface. I'll eventually try to grind it, add a layer of clear powder to the top and refire it. I had success with one other piece with a bubble, so maybe it will work. My friend added a decal to cover an imperfection, so that is also a possibility. This piece is about 4" x 12".

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  1. Lovely Lovely Lovely - super great technique ! that pink pops