Thursday, May 7, 2015


I was so excited to sell my first set of embossed napkin rings a few days ago! They are so much fun to make ... so I made a few more sets. Before I add the photos, I want to share my feather earrings.

Copper pieces were first folded in half, annealed, opened up and hammered flat. The fold was still there. Then using my new feather die for the hydraulic press, the feather pattern was cut. I reshaped them a little and added texture. Then did a little wire wrapping, added the jump rings and dipped them in liver of sulphur patina. So cute! I'm keeping a pair for myself.
Here are a few of the new napkin rings. I love the swirl patterns!

I'm not sure about this butterfly set. I have a smaller butterfly embossing folder I'll try next.
This one has a very sweet floral pattern. Not the greatest photo ...

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  1. Love the earrings will have to give them a try this weekend - I got my potters order a few weeks ago and still have not tried - - I'm falling behind - the napkin rings are sweet - 26G? - You are so inspiring !!!