Friday, May 8, 2015


I've always liked this curved shape. It was like putting a puzzle together, dividing a small piece of paper into four parts, folding it and trying to duplicate each part. Oh well, it's not perfect, but I like it! I copied it to the protective paper on the acrylic plexiglass, drilled a hole for my saw blade and cut out the shape.
I annealed several pieces and used my favorite leaf texture plate.
HEY, WHAT IS THAT PIECE IN THE RIGHT CORNER? It's a skeleton leaf run through the rolling mill on a piece of copper! Isn't it beautiful? I just got a packet of 100 yesterday ... Think of all the possibilities!!
Here is the new die with all the curves. I love it!
I made a few more pieces using the leaf texture on the other dies I had made.
These were the smaller oval forms.
The long skinny ovals. I really like these!
And, again, the new die shape and another heart.
Next on my list is to make a smaller heart shape die. AND since I have only two 3" plexiglass pieces left that came with my form box kit, I'll have Google how to cut my 10" x 10" sheets into pieces.

AND ... now that I have all these pressed pieces, it's time to start creating pendants.


  1. You have been one busy lady !!! all so marvelous

  2. questions:
    1. how do you get such nice impressions with your rolling mill - I'm still new to it and sometimes I get a good impression- is it the using of a soft cardboard to cover copper and plate that helps
    2. nice clean - are you annealing and then rolling ? or is your copper dead soft and you dont anneal when you press the impression either ?

  3. I don't use any cardboard. I always anneal first, then clean the metal well. These were 24 gauge copper. I buy large sheets from Industrial Metal nearby. Or go through their scrap bins! I have those 12" long brass texture patterns from Metalliferous...don't you also have them? I ordered a few more that I should get Friday. Rolling the metal through takes a bit of effort, using both hands. Maybe you don't have the rollers tight enough? My rolling mill is from Euro, nothing fancy or expensive. Sorry I have no secrets to share! Keep in touch.

  4. Yes I have the long texture plates - I too have the euro mill - I have just not used it enough - I will keep working on it - - I want to get some more textures as well and I love metalliferous - tks for response always a pleasure

  5. To make your dies for the hydraulic press, what kind of saw are you using to cut the acrylic?

  6. Hi Theresa, if you check back to my earlier posts in April, you'll see when I ordered the Bonny Doon form box from Rio, I also ordered spiral blades. To cut the plexiglass I used a regular jeweler's saw with a spiral blade. You drill a hole first, then insert the blade and cut out the pattern. It took a little longer than cutting metal, but it worked great. What are you going to make? Hope you'll share your project!