Thursday, June 11, 2015


It's been a couple of weeks since I fused glass ... and I'm sure my electric bill this month will reflect that fact! This time I experimented with different powder combinations and made smaller pieces out of my scraps of glass ... four squares and four rounds.

The first step was to layer the powder combinations onto 1mm fiber. This photo shows the pieces after the first firing. The powder has turned into little "puddles".

Kind of interesting ... but not very impressive ... right?

Here are a few close-ups of the pieces at this stage.

I really worried about the piece on the right ...

At this point, I added a contrasting powder to the top of each piece. A long process, as the powder had to be removed from the top of every "puddle"! Crazy. These pieces were then fired a second time and here is the result.

A little more interesting, aren't they? Next, the edges were finished and another piece of glass was added to the bottom of the pieces. All got a piece of black, except for one clear (bottom center). Here they are after the THIRD firing.

A close-up of the round pieces.

And the square ones.

These were great test pieces. Keepers, for sure!


  1. Spectacular !!! I love making samples - I have old floppy and dvd books I slide them into thepockets with (hopefully) the written color combos of what I used

  2. Great idea. I cut more rounds today out of my scraps and hope to do more testing this week. It's a fun technique, isn't it?! Hope you don't run out of powder ....

  3. LOL - no not yet - but I am doing something wrong as cant get it to puddle like you do - I get more of the one where it just fused all together and I followed all the rules - I even read the instructions over and over - only once did I get puddles

  4. If you are getting something that looks like the one in the top photo, top right, where it's fused into a sheet of glass ... I know why!! You are using toooo much water spray. Powder, light mist, powder, light mist, powder, light mist. The piece on the right is the first one I did in this group and I sprayed too much water on each layer of powder. So it was actually difficult to bend the fiber to get the cracks. You could hardly see the cracks. I use a wooden skewer and run it back and forth beneath the fiber. Live and learn. Try again with light spray and you will get puddles. Of course, fire without glass first if you want puddles.

  5. thank you - I'll try tonight - as I could not think what I did for the one (was like the 3rd try that worked ) got frustrated after that I got heavy with the spray

  6. Did you see that document that Lena posted from Sweden/Denmark - did you note that they capped the frit and fired all at once - Have you ever seen Anne Nye's painting with frit - adding water and creating scenes - right on the glass ? its amazing and one of the things I want to do too - so many things - so little time

  7. Good morning, Deborah! Was the post the one in black and white, an oval dish? Isn't that the same technique Lena shared in her instructions....firing with glass over the powder ... Instead of no glass ... In the first firing? When you fire with glass over the powder, you don't get the puddles, but you get the crackled look. Yes, the painting with frit is awesome! I joined this group but who knows when I'll have time to try it:

  8. My fireing is still looking like your one odd one - I hardly sprayed at all - and maybe that is still too much ? Yes it is - and yes firing glass over - I can do the crackle but not the puddle still - yes just no time to really delve into more things I dont really need to do - I'll check out that group - thank you