Tuesday, September 3, 2013

"RAKU" Etsy Treasury

I'm looking forward to starting my clay work soon to fire a kiln load for our local ceramics sale in December. One of my favorite firing methods is to raku. I have a small gas kiln for that purpose that I got for FREE years and years ago through Virginia Cartwright when she was teaching in the area. However, when you opened the kiln door, you got a blast of 1750-1800 Deg. F. heat in the face. Not pleasant, and by the time you could reach your pieces with the raku tongs, it was too late. This problem was solved with the purchase of a large face shield that has a special heat resistant coating. It's truly unbelievable how efficient it is.

Did you know I had a YouTube video on raku firing? HA. Here is the link. There is also a gourd video, as well as one on clay whistles.

I'm getting off my reason for this blog post. There was a very nice Etsy treasury yesterday that featured my raku heart pendant.

'Raku' by CraftyCatNZ

In the traditional Japanese process, the fired raku piece is removed from the hot kiln and is allowed to cool in the open air or in a container filled with combustible material. Raku techniques have been modified by contemporary potters worldwide.

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