Monday, September 16, 2013


My son is building a pizza oven. I cleaned out my fire brick pile and old kiln shelving, and these were donated to the cause. Yesterday I brought the last of the shelving to his house ... and wanted to take a look at his structure. It's huge! The oven part will be fairly small (although you could probably bake two pizzas in it), but he has built a storage area underneath for storing wood.

While I was there, I notice this beautiful aged structure on the wall outside, and jokingly said, "I have the perfect place to hang that." In moments he was unfastening it and saying, "Mom, it's yours!" Of course, I protested, pretending shock and everything. I could not believe I was going to go home with this piece! The three pots themselves were works of art!

Here is the piece. Doesn't it look good on this surface? Unfortunately, it's on the cement in my breezeway and it would have to be stepped over and around! But I think I'll leave it there for a few days until I have time to work on it. The top part needs gluing, and I'll have to reenforce some areas ... but I'm so EXCITED!!

My dog Charlie is taking a closer look.

Look at these flower pots! They are soooo beautiful. I can't wait to make ceramic molds from the leaves!

And the sun! Another ceramic mold!

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