Monday, September 16, 2013

My new mold from Colour de Verre .... A WINNER!

Yesterday I used a new mold I purchased from Colour de Verre. WOW! Can you imagine my excitement when I opened the kiln and took out this piece?! It fired upside down in the mold, iridized side down, and then was covered with black glass. So I couldn't see it until the kiln was cool and the piece could be lifted out. It will now be slumped in another mold to get its shape.

Here is a photo of the mold itself. You can use frit in the swirls and border, then top with clear glass. You can also cut smaller pieces of glass (not use the whole 9-3/4" square) and lay your pieces angled on the pattern. There are instructions and many examples on the website. I can't wait to try a few more! And, best of all, they keep coming out with new pattern molds to buy ... buy ... buy!

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  1. That is one cool mold - !!! Love your piece - love the irridized glass