Monday, September 30, 2013

Picasso Pieces -- Ready for the Kiln!

It was hard cutting up those pieces! But it had to be done. I wanted to post a photo before I fire them tomorrow. Wow, aren't they bright and perky?!

Another photo to come in a couple of days. This was a super fun project and I want to make another batch.


  1. Really beatiful!!! Quick question, after all the engraving is done, can you cap with clear and re-fuse? For some reason I like dichro capped, it looks more shinny and I love the effect.

  2. Thanks for your interest! I'm sure you could cap these pieces, but I don't. My pieces have a really nice shine to them after I spray them lightly with Fuse Master Clear Coat Overglaze. I get it from Fusion Headquarters. I've also brushed on a thin coat too when in a hurry. The instructions on the bottle say to fire to 1350F. or above. So you can fire polish and glaze at the same time.

  3. Oh OK. I didn't know about that option. Thank you!! I need to get my dremel right now!