Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Weird Looking Tomatoes!

My gardener took out at least a dozen oleander bushes in my back yard this summer because half of them were dying. All my neighbors have the same problem. So now there was an empty strip of ground along a sunny wall that I decided would be great for vegetables. I dug an area long enough for two tomato plants, sifted out the rocks and added good soil amendments and fertilizer. Then planted two tomato plants. I don't have the tags for them, but they were normal plants like Better Boy, and they were both the same. The plants definitely liked the soil and the warmth of the wall and now have grown higher than their cages. However, the tomatoes on one plant are normal looking, but the other plant has weird looking tomatoes. I think THEY think they are tomato pumpkins! I picked a few today and had to share them with you. It's definitely better than sharing with the scavengers who come out at night!  By the way, the tomato in the back is a "normal" one from the other plant! Here's the photo. What do you think? Tomato pumpkins?


  1. You know, I was thinking the same thing when I looked at your me thinking about pumpkin pie! It must be a mutant plant!

  2. I like that! Just the thought of pumpkin pie .... Yum I wonder why we only have it on Thanksgiving and Christmas.