Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Foldforming Copper

What a fun day my friend and I had today! We've been working with copper, not only because it so inexpensive, but also because the end result is so beautiful. We both like Southwest designs and made a couple of pieces that really were successful. And we were going to continue with the same theme today.

HOWEVER .... when she arrived and sat down, she saw the book I left out for her, "Foldforming" by Charles Lewton-Brain.  That was it, that became the plan for the day.  Do you know anything about foldforming?  Please visit this website NOW.  It will excite you.  You will buy copper sheet.  You will buy hammers.  You will buy a torch.  And, of course, you will buy the book!  The book is beautiful, it is a wealth of information and worth every penny.  The website: http://www.brainpress.com/Foldforming.html

After about 6 hours of bending copper, hammering it, annealing, opening the fold, hammering it, annealing, and starting all over, my right hand started to cramp and would not stop.  We will resume our projects in a few days and will show you the end results.  My friend wants to make a folded form masterpiece to hang above her fireplace mantel.  I'm not sure just when that project will be ready ........  Mine is much smaller, a pendant.

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