Monday, August 15, 2011

Working with Gourds

Along with my gourd bird feeder which was featured in an earlier post, I have two other gourds in my shop at RoseMarysClay.   Making them was so much fun and rewarding, especially when you compare the before and after.  The 'before' was a dirty crusty mess that took forever to clean.  And that was only the beginning. There was the planning of the design, the cutting of the gourd, and the dreadful cleaning of the inside. When that was all completed, the fun began.

Here are the two gourds in my Etsy shop.  They have a Southwestern look.

I have a YouTube video you may like to see which shows me working with gourds.  We'll see if the link below gets you there.  If it doesn't, I'm sorry.  I'll try to work on that link later.   But you can log into YouTube and search for rosemaryflint and you'll find my gourd video, along with raku and whistle videos.

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