Sunday, August 28, 2011

Two Ovals Plates and A New Blue Mug

Wow! It's soooo hot in Southern California right now. And even though it will get cooler by ten degrees over the next few days, the humidity will be going up! We are not used to humidity. We don't like it. Go away!

I posted a few new items on Etsy. This mug is another of my series with the Southwest Swirl stamp. Will I ever tire of this stamp? Of this type of mug?  No. No. This one is almost a purple, but I called it blue.

The two plates below are favorites of mine. They have so many uses. Oh no, did I use that swirl stamp again?!  The bottom plate has a leaf imprint, fresh leaves from my garden that are rolled into the clay. I had great plans for my hosta leaves this year ... rolling them into clay. But the hot sun has burned most of the leaves. Even though the plant is in a shady spot now, the sun has found a time to peek over the roof top and do its damage. So the plan is to move the plant to a shadier spot for next year.

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