Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Kimbiny is my good friend Kim Osborne.  She and her family just a couple weeks ago moved to France where her husband Mark will be directing an animated movie, The Little Prince.  How exciting!  And how double exciting to hear from Kim on Facebook.  She was craving that pickle recipe I posted yesterday and just accidentally found my blog.  She said there are no sweet pickles in France!

Kim is a true artist.  She has been working with resin lately and making adorable little pendants.  You can see her work on Etsy right now.  Go to her link:  http://www.thatsprettynice.etsy.com


  1. aww! thanks for the lovely words, rose mary. i always had so much fun getting together. not only was it fun, but completely inspiring. just like your blog! so today i'm off to buy some cukes and a whole lotta sugar. and then updating my etsy :) xo

  2. Yay for Refrigerator Pickles!! I guess I'll have to stop at Super King this week and get some cucumbers. My garden produces one every three days. I would eat those in less than a minute. xoxo