Thursday, September 22, 2011

Stained Glass

I have so much beautiful glass that was given to me by a friend who moved to Washington a few years ago. She made stained glass pieces that she sold in the gallery she owned, where I also sold my ceramics, gourds, glass ... and I also helped her during busy times. It was so much fun.

Recently I made a few stained glass boxes with hinged lids. They are fun and very challenging to make. The boxes with beveled glass are my favorites. I just sold one to someone who asked if I had a small box that would fit inside so she could include a necklace. I sent her a jewelry bag to put the necklace in. What a nice gift! A month ago someone from France bought a box with iridescent glass. She was getting married, wanted me to rush the box so that their wedding rings could be put inside during the ceremony. The postage was just under $30!

I made a few angels this week that turned out so nice. The wings are made with iridescent glass.

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