Sunday, September 18, 2011

Egg in the Hole

Wow! Did you see The Pioneer Woman's show yesterday morning? She made "Egg in the Holes" for her husband and herself after their Date Night at the lodge. Does she like butter?!

I made an Egg in the Hole myself this morning and it was soooo good. Have you ever made one? I made them a lot when my kids were little. It was fun for them too. You take a piece of bread, better square than the long sourdough piece I used this morning. Cut a hole in the middle with a round cutter or free-hand it with a knife. Butter both sides of the bread, including the hole you cut out. Heat up a skillet, put in both pieces. Then break an egg into the hole. Salt and pepper. Cook until the bottom of the bread has browned a little and turn over. Then finish cooking until your egg is the way you like it ..... runny or firmer. The extra round piece can be used to clean up your plate!

In case you missed the PW show -- you might want to make yours this way -- she first melted butter (lots of it) in the skillet until it sizzled, added the bread and egg, then added more butter when she turned the bread over. It did make a very nice photo because the bread was beautiful, perfectly toasted in butter. You'll note I did not add a photo of my Egg in the Hole from this morning! Not pretty, but still very good.

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