Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Clay Work -- Handbuilt Mugs

I'm sure glad that U.S. Open Tennis is over so I can concentrate on other things! Time to get to work. I need more pieces for my Etsy shop and a local ceramics sale in December. In one of the clay magazines I just received, there was an ad for textured wooden rollers. Wow, how exciting! I ordered a bunch and received them a few days ago. A few are on back order, including a beautiful wooden handle that each roller fits into. But I managed to roll the textures into clay over the weekend and then made some mugs. The clay is a partial bag my friend Kim left me when she moved to France a couple months ago. It was pretty hard, but after 100 or so drops on cement, the clay softened! It was special to use her clay and remember the good times we had together.

Here are photos of the textured rollers and a few of the mugs they created. I'm definitely going to order a few more -- aren't they great?!!  Top quality.

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