Saturday, March 24, 2012

New Dichroic Fused Glass Pillow Pendants

I've had a few new ceramic molds for a few weeks that were designed to make fused glass pendants. Each mold makes 5 or 6 pieces and they were originally to be used with glass frit. The latest instruction from the company showed you could cut dichroic glass pieces according to the templates provided and use them instead. Here's a photo of the mold. You can see there is a little "nipple" in each depression.

You put the cut dichroic pieces in each depression and fire the kiln according to instructions. What happens is that because of the "nipple", your glass now has a little "mountain" on it that has to be ground off.

The grinding was easy and worked out well. So then pieces were cleaned, placed back in their places in the mold, and covered with clear frit. But WAIT! First each piece was weighed on a gram scale, and that weight was recorded. Then enough frit was weighed separately to meet the weight specifications on the instructions. Carefully the frit was poured over each piece and leveled. Then the second firing was done.

I finished these three pieces with leather cords, sterling silver beads and sterling silver clasps. I added them to my Etsy shop this morning and am anxious to see how much attention they get!

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