Saturday, March 24, 2012

Wine Bottles Slumped and Recycled!

Did I ever tell you about my "wine cellar" in the crawl space under my house? When my friend Harry and I were together, we made LOTS ... and LOTS ... of wine from my apple, apricot and plum trees. Also some very special concord grape wine from the grapes we gathered from my daughter's back yard fence. So when it comes to slumping wine bottles, I'll always have enough .... enough for my lifetime!

But there are bottles I don't have -- blue bottles. So I am forced to add a very nice riesling in a beautiful blue bottle to my shopping list. I posted four wine bottles on Etsy a few days ago, one blue, one light amber, one dark amber and one green ...... and guess which one sold the first day? The blue one! Right now I'm forcing myself to drink a glass of that refreshing riesling I mentioned.

Glass supply stores usually have molds or can order molds for firing wine bottles. There is a long version for regular wine bottles and a short version for firing a cute little Snapple bottle or green Carlsberg beer bottle into a great spoon rest! You can use any bottle that fits the mold. Just clean the inside and soak the bottle to take the labels off. The mold will need a coating of mold release before you fire.

Congrats to my friend Donna. She bought a Skutt glass kiln today with a 14" square shelf. She sent a photo that showed it can hold three bottle molds! She doesn't drink, so maybe she wants a few bottles from my wine cellar?!!

Here are photos of the bottles I posted on Etsy. They all include a serving knife.

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