Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Wow, it's been busy!

The ceramic sale was a complete success and I'm looking forward to receiving that little "mad money" check!  It's always fun to see everyone at the sale, the artists and the repeat customers.

My two Etsy shops are keeping me busy too! Last week I had a record of five orders. This week I've had three orders, and it's only Tuesday! I haven't found the perfect time to go to the post office, but last Saturday there was only one person in line! But by the time I left, there were ten.

I made three stained glass boxes since the last two sold last Wednesday. I found this beautiful turquoise blue glass in the glass I inherited from my friend Peggy when she sold her gallery in Montrose and moved to Washington. Isn't it gorgeous? The streaks of color and the tiny bubbles that look like water droplets. I have enough to make another box, but first I'll see what else I have.

Another lunch today. This time with the golf group I belong to at Brookside. We play on one of the courses next to the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. I'm sure you have watched the Rose Bowl football game played each year and have seen the beautiful foothills surrounding the area. That's where I live, about 10 minutes away. Last week we had HEAVY winds and my power was out all day Thursday and through Friday morning. Yesterday we had a really heavy rainstorm and saw snow in the foothills above me. Today there are blue skies and it is going to be a gorgeous day. 


  1. Hello, from your newest follower! :)


  2. Welcome and thank you for introducing yourself! I hope you find things of interest here and please feel free to share your ideas too. I looked at your blog and see I have lots of reading to do! Keep in touch ...