Thursday, December 15, 2011


Every year I go through this. When my navel oranges start to ripen, the squirrels and rats have a feast. There's nothing I can do. My dogs try to help by barking and jumping around the tree, but that does nothing. I have a baseball bat that I use to hit around the inside of the tree. That occasionally does scare a critter and it jumps down, runs across the yard and over the fence! But do I have to do that every night in the dark? I even use a "friendly" Havahart cage that triggers the door to close if something goes inside -- then I drive to the park to set it free. But most of the critters are too smart to go inside for a piece of apple with peanut butter -- when they could have one of Rose Mary's navel oranges!

I do have an abundance of oranges every year, but I DO NOT like sharing with the critters.


  1. I have a similar problem with deer in my area, they eat everything! I found a repellent spray at Lowes (Home Depot too) and it worked really well. I know there is a repellent spray for squirrels too. Have you tried that? There's one called Critter-Ritter you can buy it online. Beautiful orange tree, BTW. Good luck!

  2. I'll look for the spray and see if it would be safe for my dogs. Thanks for the help!