Saturday, September 1, 2012


A dozen or so years ago, one of my best friends retired and moved from California. We had cooked, walked, made baskets and books, decorated gourds together for years. Since she has family in this area, she visits them several times a year and visits me as well. Yesterday was one of those fun days when we spent time together, and her husband came as well! She called and said she had cleaned out a storage room and was bringing me a supply of paper for making books. It turned out to be a huge roll, a wealth of beautiful paper. Now I have to make a few books!

But that is not the only reason I am soooo lucky. Yesterday she handed me a bag and said, "This is for you." WOW, a beautiful basket she had made out of pine needles! My friend has mastered the art of basket making, something I never did. My baskets looked great on one side, but when you turned them over, the back was a mess. Here is her (my!) basket, top and bottom views. Both sides are equally beautiful.

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