Sunday, September 23, 2012

Bird Seed Hanging Ornaments

Last year I ordered several bird seed ornaments from an Etsy shop. One was shaped like a star and the others were egg shaped which fit into a copper wire hanger that I also ordered. These egg shaped ornaments could be made in the plastic Easter eggs you fill with goodies, right?! Unfortunately I didn't have any to use this morning.

What I did find in my cookie cutter collection were several unrecognizable animal shapes made from easy-to-bend soft metal. So I got my pliers and reshaped them into hearts and one star. I also had a few small baking pans with removeable bottoms, if I needed one.

Here is the website with the recipe and directions. Also a few photos I took this morning making the ornaments.

I sprayed the insides of my shapes with cooking spray. And using spray on your fingers helped too in packing the seed mixture. I found the metal shapes could be easily removed from the seed mixture in case you had only one or two cookie cutters to use.

The ingredients mixed together; then the 4 cups of bird seed in the following photo.

I did have to use one of the baking pans. Little did I know that I could have reused one of the other shapes. But this round one could be a bird favorite, who knows?!

The metal shapes removed.

I poked a hole with a skewer at the top of each to add a hanger later. I'll move these to a cake rack today so each side gets air for drying. Aren't they cute? Do you think the birds will like them?

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