Friday, November 25, 2011

More Copper Etching

I spent Thanksgiving Day at my daughter's house. Remember that's where I took the French Apple Pie for my son-in-law. (By the way, he said he liked it -- it was served to him with two scoops of vanilla ice cream, so maybe it tasted better than mine!)

My daughter was doing a bisque firing in her electric kiln. She will eventually use the low fire glazes she has on hand to do her first glaze firing in a week or so. I (we) can't wait to see the results. She perfected a ceramic taco holder that holds two or three shells (I can't remember which) upright so you can fill the shells, heat them and serve the tacos in the holder. They are made with white clay and she will use transparent glaze on them. Maybe I'll add a taco holder to my wish list?!

We like to share projects with each other when we have time, so I took my etching supplies and cut squares and rounds of copper to show her how to etch copper. This was the D battery and salt water etching method that I posted a while back. It was definitely a success! I will show you her finished earrings when she comes over and I can take photos. My son-in-law was impressed with our "science project" -- the salt water was bubbling and it turned orange after 15 minutes or so.

I finished another pair of earrings today using the same method. So much fun!

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