Tuesday, March 5, 2013

More Copper Etching

Back in October 2011, I shared "Etching Photos" with you and have etched many many copper pieces since then using this method. I did four separate batches yesterday to make a few new bracelets.

The first and second photos show my hearts and ovals resting on their creative hangers, ready to be placed into the salt water.

Both of the jars have the copper pieces with the positive probes attached, and the negative probes attached to wires holding scrap pieces of copper. The jar on the right with the hearts was started first. The water in it has already changed color in the little time it took to set up the other jar. Notice the tiny bubbles rising from the scrap copper.

After 30 minutes the color of the water has really darkened. The pieces continued to etch for an hour.

Here are the etched pieces that have been cleaned and domed. Tomorrow they'll get treated to liver of sulfur.

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