Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Pork Chop and Rat Problems!

I'm not sure I want to share this first problem with you, but in my first post of the year I mentioned my ice cube dispenser stopped working, so I have had to open the door every time I needed ice. A real hardship! And of course every time I need ice, I forget the thing doesn't work. I'm surprised I haven't burned out the motor that I hear trying so hard to help me. Yes, I did get the book out, but that didn't help.

Today again I dug around that opening where the ice should fall from and felt something I hadn't felt before. Could it be? It felt like plastic. I took the whole tray out, moved the ice cubes out of the way, and guess what I found?! A pork chop in a plastic bag stuck under one of the wheels that magically is supposed to move along and force the ice cubes into the hole that dispenses them into your glass when you push the lever. I could not believe it. But then I remembered the day I was digging around looking for something and for just a second I placed a few bags on top of the ice. DON'T EVER DO THAT!! I guess I overlooked the bag with the pork chop. I have the tray in my sink and hopefully when the pork chop defrosts I'll be able to cut it out of there -- maybe BBQ it tonight?!

Then there's the other problem .... RATS!

I've mentioned this problem before ... the rats eat my navel oranges every year. Nothing I can do. I didn't realize how many they had eaten until today. When you walk by, the tree is full of oranges. But when you look closer, you see the holes. I picked them all today. They are still a little on the sour side, but hopefully will sweeten while they rest comfortably and safely in the garage.


  1. rose mary! you just made me laugh. those orange photos! the rats are back in town, i guess. there has to be some kind of art project you can do with those peels ;) i'm sorry, though. i know those uninvited guests are a real drag. xo

  2. Just to let you know, after the pork chop defrosted I was able to get it out from under the wheel. All is well with the ice cube dispenser, and I had a wonderful BBQ'd pork chop for dinner!

  3. OMG! I hate rats & mice, I have nightmares about them

    1. I know the feeling. The oranges from my other tree have almost all been picked, so soon the rats will have to find another feeding ground. They will probably go out to my lemon tree in the driveway! I won't mind that so much. I wish I could set a dozen or more traps, but I have my two dogs who check the orange trees almost hourly! I could hang the traps from higher branches .... ?