Saturday, January 7, 2012

Enameled Gingko Leaf Earrings

Another day in enameling? Or maybe it's time to cut those grape vines and shape a few into wreathes? My gardener promised to dig a hole and plant the new citrus tree my son gave me for Christmas, so that's crossed off the list! Whatever I choose to do, it's a beautiful day in Southern California, and I'm so lucky to live here. I wonder if any of those people from Wisconsin who came for the Rose Bowl game are still here!

I finished my two sets of enameled gingko leaf earrings and spent the last few hours photographing, editing and posting them on Etsy. It really takes a lot of time, five photos of each piece. My records show I have taken photos of 129 items ... can you image how many photos that is? I take at least a dozen of each item and pick the best five to post on Etsy. AND that is only for RoseMarysGlassArt. For my clay shop I have photographed 81 items! My poor eyes ....

Here are the enameled earrings:

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