Saturday, January 28, 2012

Another Red Enameled Heart Necklace

My red enameled heart necklace I posted here on January 6 sold this week (my very first enameled piece! Yay!), so I made another one today ... in time for Valentine's Day. I like the leather necklaces I bought a while back, but replaced the quite inexpensive (chintzy) chain and closures with sterling silver. And added my sterling silver hand forged S-hook.

Then I baked another Crumb Topped Rhubarb dessert this afternoon (see the link on my post on January 10). I invited a tennis buddy for dinner to watch the women's final at the Australian Open. During the night and past couple of days, we have had fairly high winds, so strange noises kept one of my dogs (Sarah) up most of the night ... and that kept me up. I saw my iPad come on during the night with a CNN alert .... unfortunately, I looked and it announced that Victoria Azarenka had defeated Maria Sharapova at the Australian Open. Wow, what a bummer to spoil MY evening, learning the results ahead of time. Tonight I won't make the same mistake, as tomorrow is the men's final. I'll silence all my Apple devices and won't peek!

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