Thursday, October 13, 2011

Rescued Persimmons!

This morning I was unhappy to see two more persimmons on the ground that had been eaten like apples! A couple weeks ago I wrapped netting around the tree and that helped for a minute. So today I picked them all. The persimmons all have a little color, so I hope they eventually will ripen. The ones in the stores feel hard when you buy them, so there's hope for these, isn't there? I will put them in a single layer in a box, but should I cover them, leave them uncovered?

Last year on my new tree, my total crop was ONE! This year I had about 35, but am down to what's in this basket, about 20. A couple of these were pecked by birds, but I'm keeping them to see how they ripen.

And here's what's left on the tree. A persimmon that was enjoyed by a squirrel or rat. I would love to see his/her face in the morning when this leftover is all he/she finds! HA.

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