Sunday, October 30, 2011

A new artist I love -- Jenny Hoople

Jenny Hoople creates jewelry out of river rocks and natural stones. It's amazing how many colors there are! She lives in Wisconsin and is so friendly and talented. I recently bought some of her Job's Tear Seeds and want to grow a few myself.  Check out her work:

She recently started another site, a new website for Nature Crafts. She says if you want to promote your own nature craft or you've found something you want to share, this is for you. I submitted a few of my own pieces and she posted a couple!  Here's that address:


  1. Rose Mary! Thanks so much for sharing my new site with your blog followers :D

  2. Beautiful! Great work Jenny! Thanks for introducing JennyHoople in your blog RoseMary!

  3. I think she's great too. Thanks for commenting.