Monday, November 30, 2015


Boo Hoo. Over the weekend I said goodbye to my favorite BOHO ring. It made me very sad ... but yet, as soon as the door closed and my buyer left, I jumped up and down with excitement in front of my dinner guests with cash in hand!!

Here she is ... for the last time. Goodbye, baby BOHO.

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  1. I love that ring - your did a really nice job on that bezel - its a challenge - I am liking the dichro even better in the rings than the stones - they are cool but the dichro really makes em shine !!! I gave some cabs to one of the girls on the thread to try out but I am going to make more cabs - right after I do 200 wine bottle cheese trays - getting new kiln in new year - the 19" paragon with double doors I can do 4 bottles at a time and do some larger slumping -