Friday, April 17, 2015


Are you familiar with the work of Tanya Veit from AAE Glass ... and her webinars presented through Glass Patterns Quarterly? In fact, on the Glass Patterns site, under Glass Expert Webinars, Tanya is repeating her 3 hour "The Pebble Experience" on May 9th. I've seen all her webinars, plus have many of Tanya's DVDs available from AAE Glass. She also has many instructional videos (free) on YouTube. ALSO .... she presents a Saturday night video once a month to subscribers of her blog. She is really a wonderful teacher and just bubbling over with energy! Be prepared, as she talks very fast! You have to be a speed writer.

I made a couple pieces from last month's Saturday night video and fired them yesterday. These were made with Bullseye's alchemy glass (two different colors), along with silver foil, stencils and glass powders. I like them. The two colors of glass were cut into 1/2" strips. Next time I'll use more powder and use solid pieces of glass, rather than strips. Maybe small bowls? More to come ...


  1. Thank you, Wendy. I'm looking forward to doing more pieces. They are slumping in molds now.

  2. Very nice - Tanya's classes are great - I need to find some time to check them out - cant wait to see the slumped pieces