Friday, April 24, 2015


I LOVE NEW TOOLS! I just received this Bonny Doon Form Box kit from Rio Grande. It came with six precut 3" plexiglass pieces, two brass faceplates, two urethane pieces, the pusher and Liquid Bur Life. Also to cut the plexiglass, I ordered spiral wax saw blades. This system will allow me to cut my own dies into shapes I want and press metal pieces with that shape ... using the hydraulic press.

These are the spiral blades.

Can't wait to start. My first piece will be a heart shape. You draw the shape on the plexiglass, then drill a small hole to insert your saw blade ... and saw out the shape. In the DVD, "Crushed Metal Cuff and Hydraulic Press" with Richard Sweetman, he saves the inner cut-out piece. By filing it so that it had ridges, you can press that small piece into your already pressed form and it will add the ridges. Hope that makes sense ... It's a great DVD for your collection. There's a section on pressing metal WITHOUT having a hydraulic press ... by using your vise!

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