Monday, March 30, 2015


Wow ... after much agony, I have something to show. Did you ever have a day where nothing goes right? Yesterday was such a day. It started with my cuffs. As you saw in my previous post, I had cut out two bracelet pieces with my feather pancake die and now wanted to solder a wire going down the center of each. I wanted it to have a bit of a curve ... not be straight like my first cuff that had a folded line down the center.

I cut a piece of 12 gauge sterling silver wire and 12 gauge copper wire, curved them a bit to fit the cut feather pieces. I started soldering the sterling silver wire to the copper. Everything seemed to be going along all right, when to my dismay and horror, a piece of the silver wire broke off .... obviously it had melted through. I couldn't believe it. Well, actually I could since I was so out of practice, having not soldered for months and months. I pickled and cleaned the piece, filed the ends of the wire, and attempted to solder them together. The patch didn't look too bad until later .... when I started curving the piece on the bracelet mandrel and the wires separated again! Time to put that piece aside and look at the other one.

The other one is another story! The day didn't get better. Look at the photo below. The piece on the left. I soldered the copper wire without a problem .... until I took it out of the cooling water and saw the wire was WAY OFF CENTER. WTF?!!!! Nothing I could do at that point. I decided to punch some holes down the middle. Maybe no one would notice my mistake? HA. Actually it didn't turn out too badly.

I decided to do the same for the other piece with the silver wire. I used a heavy duty punch and punched a hole right where the wire had separated. Perfect! Then continued to punch a few more holes. Here's a photo of that piece ... it looks pretty good!

And the cuff with the copper wire and added holes ...

If you remember my earrings done with the pancake die, they were rather lifeless. I reshaped them a bit, domed them slightly and added a wire-wrapped bail ... and now they look much better!

The next step is to patina all the pieces and give them a polish. More to come ....


  1. Gave in and ordered the bracelet and small leaf dies
    Thank you for the excellent tutorial - now I cant wait for them to arrive