Thursday, November 7, 2013

Stained Glass Box -- Custom Order

This morning I mailed a stained glass box I was asked to make for an Etsy customer. It was HUGE, at least the largest box I've ever made! When I first got the request, 4x4x12 inches, it didn't seem like a big deal. But then I cut the pieces and realized it was enormous! The customer wanted to place a rose inside; it's a "sentimental" piece. I asked her to send a photo. I hope she will.

The glass is iridescent with a "hammered" ripple surface. I love this glass and have used it for many of my little boxes. Here are a couple photos.


  1. very nice - hope she sends you a pic

  2. Thanks to you both. Yes, I would love to see a photo.

  3. How much would you charge to make another one just like this?

  4. hi am looking for about 12 to 24 glasses boxes rust proof. 4x4x12

    1. Sorry I can’t help you. Thanks for your interest!