Thursday, November 21, 2013

SOLDER CASTING -- Another Project I'm Going to Love!

I don't have time for another project now ... but this one is so exciting! I recently saw a webcast featuring Cat Kerr and her solder casting technique. It was really great. I highly recommend it!

I'm in the middle of clay work, so I've spent only a couple of hours on this. But here is a photo of what I did the day I saw the webcast.

Notice the gold color on some of the pieces? It's a mystery, but maybe my soldering iron was getting too hot? So I got a new soldering iron. When I plugged it in, it tripped the GFI. Not good. I moved to another location, plugged it in, and the second GFI tripped. That iron got replaced with a new one, and it's waiting for me ...

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  1. thanks for heads up on solder casting - I have a ton of the silicone molds from doing pmc - I'll have to give it a try one of these days \