Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Lampwork Beads -- My Favorite Blues on Ivory Glass

After soooo long suffering with my reinsured right shoulder, I tried making lampwork beads yesterday. Yippee! I'm back to form and my right arm felt good. I bought arm rests several years ago and they are helpful in keeping your arms up to the level of the torch flame and also help in keeping your back straight. After each bead is made, the right arm is important as you have to extend it to place the bead on the mandrel onto a rack in the annealing kiln. I suppose I could move the kiln to the left side of my work space and learn to do it left handed .... but right now the arm is feeling just fine.

Here are the beads I made yesterday. I really love making these and know others like them too, as I have sold many sets.

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