Saturday, April 28, 2012

Artichokes 2012!

I bought a wheelbarrow full of tomato and zucchini plants, as well as herbs, earlier this week. And they all enjoyed two days of rain -- at least I know I did! Thanks to my wonderful daughter, she pulled out weeds and dug in fertilizer last week, so the soil was sooo ready for planting. I got all of the tomato plants in (10!) and most of the zucchini. I'm so looking forward to making Chocolate Chocolate Chip Zucchini bread in a couple months! See the recipe earlier in this blog if you haven't tried it. Am also working on a another area that will make a great garden strip with full sun until mid afternoon. So much work, so many rocks in our area. I strolled around the yard late yesterday, just before the sun went down, and was so shocked to see my new crop of artichokes! Wow, they grew quickly. One is ready to be picked this weekend. I rushed inside to get my camera so I could capture the sunlight on top of the artichoke plant. Unfortunately I saw I had my micro lens, but knew I would lose the shot if I went back inside to change it. Here are a couple photos.
This is the one I'm going to pick today!
Then I noticed bees at work doing their jobs around my boysenberry bushes! Can't wait to taste those luscious berries.

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